Local Missions

Our aim in these partnerships is to expand God’s Kingdom, love people, and glorify Christ. Opportunities for service to Charlottesville in the name of Jesus are endless. CrossLife Community Church is excited to partner with local organizations who are passionate and have a proven track-record of making a positive impact on people's lives.

International Students Inc.

ISI exists to share Christ’s love with international students.  We serve and befriend international undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students and their families. Learn More

Love INC.

Love in the Name of Christ brings churches in the community together across denominational lines, inventories the collective ministries and talents of the people of those congregations and then matches those resources with people in need. Learn More

Redemptive Compassion

Love INC believes that rather than sustaining people in need, we desire to help them reach their full potential in Christ. The danger of pure charity is we can meet a need but ignore the person. Is it enough to meet a specific need but leave the person living in a state of need? Redemptive Compassion grew out of the understanding that the answer this question is no. Learn More

Pregnancy Centers of Central VA

The Pregnancy Centers of Central Virginia is a life-affirming ministry committed to: hope, help, health and healing for  women, men and their families facing issues of unintended pregnancy. Learn More