Think Well

Worldview & Apologetics Conference

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Why the Think Well Conference

Christianity is a faith of the heart and the mind. Part of the Greatest Commandment is to love the Lord with all our minds; Romans 12:2 says we are to be "transformed by the renewing of our minds." Despite this emphasis on the mind and reason, some have called our age the most anti-intellectual in church history. Teens in particular face a dual challenge as they enter some of their most formative years. 

As they prepare for high school, college, and adulthood, Christian teens need to be prepared to "contend for the faith," first in their own hearts, and then in their families, peer circles, schools, workplaces, and the public square. We need a revival of both hearts and minds within the next generation. We need today's teens to be able to think well and deeply about their faith, to know what they believe, why they believe it, and how to integrate their faith with every aspect of their lives.


Contact either Pastor Todd Cothran or Conference Coordinator Jenny Abel.